Christmas Trees, Booties, Elves and Skeletons

CHRISTMAS TREES decorated with booties, elves, and skeltons!  Really?  There are as many different ways to decorate a tree as imagination dreams up.  On a recent visit to Novant Presbyterian Hospital to visit a family member, the lobby was full of dozens of decorated Christmas trees. All were theme trees likely decorated by the various departments in the hospital, and were to be auctioned off as a fundraiser for the hospital.

Booties and pink and blue for the nursery babies


Lollipops and elves for pediatrics
A  Christmas reminder to give to families in need
Ribbons, red and green
Celebrating wildlife and winter


What is this about? Maybe not a great message for patients. Was it decorated by Radiology or Orthopedics staff?





We enjoy the beautiful Christmas tree at our house
Yet, I carry the tree from childhood in my heart, with  its plastic lighted star Dad placed on top, and its  shiny tinsel, we hung with care, one strand at a time.

Sue Marquis Bishop 2016






8 thoughts on “Christmas Trees, Booties, Elves and Skeletons”

  1. What a wonderful way to raise funds, Sue. I hope they were very successful. The photo of your Christmas tree sure did bring back memories. Oh, the tinsel! 🙂

  2. The trees are wonderful and yours of Christmas present and Christmas past are as lovely as any of them. I think tinsel, when carefully hung, which I had little patience for, makes a tree look quite splendid. My personal favorite of the holiday trees was the nursery tree. Which was yours?

    1. I agree. Tthe nursery tree seems so fitting celebrating the birth of baby Jesus and new infants born into our world. I was touched by the note on the sock monkey tree asking for donations of socks for the homeless – so little gift to change the quality of someone’s life. I hope you have had a warm and comforting Christmas this year. Always good to hear from you. Sue

  3. That looks like a tree from my childhood in Norfolk, Va! I think we had those drapes, too! We were so excited to get tangerines, pecans and hard Christmas candy in our stockings back then. : D

    1. We must have had similar childhoods. We had same in our stockings. And the drapes. Oh my. Very chic at the time. Merry Christmas.

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