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The focus of the WOMEN LIVING LIFE AFTER 50 blog is to stimulate the sharing of ideas, passions, information and joys among women who are navigating through new terrain in this time of life. As Michelangelo said in his 80’s, “I am still learning.”

Your comments are invited to keep the dialogue going. I welcome your reactions and thoughts to the topics in this blog -so we are sharing with other women over 50 who want to live life on their own terms with passion and thought – learning something new every day.

I am thrilled when you find an entry you want to link! Thank you for sharing the Women Living Life After 50 blog with your friends. The photos in this blog were primarily taken by me, unless noted otherwise by crediting the source.The photos and everything else I have written on this WLLA50 blog is copyright protected and requires my explicit permission to reproduce elsewhere.

6 thoughts on “About This Blog”

  1. Hi Sue,

    My name is Megan Dijong from TheNewFamily.com, I am the project manager for the New Family’s 1,000 Families Project, which has won us Best Blog by the Canadian Online Publishing awards. What we do is find 1000 families with interesting and unique lifestyles, traditions, and relationships. Your story can even be about friends who you consider family. We ask that you talk about a personal or unifying growth that you’ve experienced with your family and friends. We believe that everyone has a story to tell and what we’re aiming to do is find 1000 ways to be a family.

    We would be honoured to have your story featured on our blog. If you are interested please let me know, I will then follow up with a guideline on how to write a 1000 families post. We require that our writers contribute a short story with a minimum of 750 words, along with a family picture. Once we have your story we will promote your blog by linking your story to your blog so that our Canadian readers can refer to it after reading. Your story will also be featured on our Facebook and Twitter page. In the meantime, you can check us out http://thenewfamily.com/tag/1000-families-project/.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, have a great day!

    1. Hi Megan, I am leaving in few minutes to be with family member who is ill, but wanted to answer your query. There are two posts on my blog that might fit your criteria that you might check out. I would be willing to consider these to be reprinted/reposted. Both really have the theme of how food and food memories influence family bonding through the years, even to additional generations. (I don’t always write about food.) 1) “The Pie That Made My Father Propose.” (on blog posted August 2013)… I originally wrote for publication in Ladies HOme Journal, and reprinted on blog. 2) “Marquis Twins and the Birthday Black Cake: Recipe from 1918” – November 2013. I will be back online in a couple of weeks. I very much look forward to exploring your new family blog and communicating later.. Sounds interesting. Sue Bishop

  2. I’m enjoying your site very much, particularly the posts about transitioning. The 50’s kind of “snuck up” on me and I’m still trying to get my bearings. I don’t feel middle aged and I’m surprised by how hard it still is for me to let go of the expectations of others and settle into my own life. I hope you’ll visit my blog sometime, where I muse on why the “Should Haves” can still have hold on women just when they should be enjoying life most.

    1. Hi Laurie, It does take a bit of time to get our minds around our “accumulating” years… “Who me?” “Can I really be 50 when I feel 30?”… My daughter said “mom, you can get a discount at this store since you are over 50 now.” My answer, “No way.” It took a little time to step up and ask for that discount… “Yes, I sure am over 50.” My experience so far is that there are enormous benefits to reap in our 50’s and beyond… becoming unshackled from others expectations is one…and getting clear on what I want to do now… and acting on it… That is HUGE! Perhaps we can learn from one another about ways to become our best self yet…! So happy you stopped in… I will certainly read your posts… womenlivinglifeafter50.com

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