Spring! Is it Here Yet?

EACH SEASON OF THE YEAR BRINGS IT OWN DELIGHTS, and I enjoy each one as it lingers awhile before giving sway to a new one. There is one season though, that I want to speed up its arrival… and that is SPRING. No doubt about it. I have Spring Fever!

I LIVED IN WEST VIRGINIA, KENTUCKY AND INDIANA for much of my life. When I lived those years in the Midwest, as February came to a close, I was so ready for Winter to be over. I was eager to put away heavy winter coats, boots and gloves,… to no longer have cold hands, nose and feet, or have to scrape the car windows of ice and snow. All of a sudden, I seemed to notice the drab winter colors everywhere. Mother used to say, “Don’t wish for Spring too soon. The too warm air colliding with the cold air causes tornadoes”. She was on alert in the Spring for tornadoes as long as she lived in Indiana.

I BEGIN TO MAKE TO-DO LISTS for Spring, think about cleaning out sock drawers, and previewing seed catalogs for herbs and flowers. February was a trifle early in the Midwest to look for Spring, but it never failed that each year I developed a growing yearning for Spring to bust forth in all its colorful new growth and warm breezes.

I HAVE LIVED IN THE SOUTH for over 20 years now, and still appreciate getting just a little head start on the arrival of Spring …or so it seems to me. One week ago, we had snow for a few days… then it warmed up to 70 degrees. It is cooler today and rainy, but I have started my annual look-out for signs of Spring. Daffodils are up about 4 inches, and red bud trees are in full bloom spreading touches of pinks and rose over the still quiescent landscape.

RUNNING ERRANDS TODAY, I was happy to see redbud trees everywhere proudly waving their Spring colors in the wind.


THE GRASS IS MOSTLY BROWN, yet to awaken from Winter rest to herald Spring with a showy new green carpet. The rosy blooms against the blue Carolina sky are a contrast with the brownish grass…reflecting en environment in transition.

WE LUNCHED AT MIMI’S. When we shared it was our anniversary, we were treated to a trio of desserts: apple crisp, bread pudding with bourbon sauce and crunchy brownie with ice cream. Although I love chocolate, my favorite was the bread pudding…soft, sweet and custardy!


I WILL WATCH FOR, and celebrate, other signs of Spring, as I go about my daily chores. In the meantime, I am grateful two of my indoor orchids are showing their lovely blooming faces to cheer us, as we warm ourselves by the fire and have a cup of hot cocoa and cranberry orange muffins.



Do you look for signs of Spring?

Sue Marquis Bishop 2014

12 thoughts on “Spring! Is it Here Yet?”

  1. It’s a lift to the spirits to even daydream about Spring as one seeks to ignore the persistent grey, cool climes, and dreary cloud covers which follow the dramatically contrasting holidays at the end of each year, which are brightened by the lights, music, endless decor and festivities. But when Spring does, at last, rear its beautiful head, even here in north and central Florida, those first warm, wafting breezes are absolutely intoxicating. It is not really coincidental that students are not the only ones making a break for the beach (or the woods, or the lake). The out of doors is bristling with new life and many, if not most of us feel a mad, pressing compulsion to find a way to give in to the higher energy of the season and become a part of it. This is my “bonding with the earth” time, and in one of my celebration expressions, I typically head out for our local nurseries to discover and procure some
    dazzling specimen of nature to enhance my homes landscape, or
    decorate the stoop by the front door. This is also the favored time for
    picnics before the day’s sun becomes too intense. And there is no more beautiful time for long, idling walks with a special friend or partner. The special delights of this time of year are endless and may
    be counted on for delivering that quality of experience that feeds the
    soul. Surely the Creator had this in mind when all this was set in place.
    Much love Dear Sister.. . .A.

    1. Beautifully said! So great to have you visit. Let’s keep looking for signs of Spring! When mom started her lists for Spring cleaning I knew it was here. I am watching for the sign that appears on the light pole near here , “sign ups for softball”

  2. So Sue I am sitting here reading all the comments about spring. As a child I would pick little forest flowers called blåveis and I would take the bus to the local hospitals and give them to patients. To me the awakening in spring is not just a season but the renewal of all life, nature and homo sapiens. By now you are remembering that I was from Norway but I have never forgotten when you took me to your home in Madison. I had the Asian flu and you and your nice parents nursed me back to life during the Christmas vacation. By now my emotions are getting the best of me, would love to be in contact.

    1. What a lovely memory of picking Spring flowers for others. You must have been a caring child. Thank you for your kind words. I hope life has been good to you all these years. Sue

  3. Spring is nowhere to be seen here. In years past, I’ve seen my crocus in bloom and by daffs beginning to shoot by now. This year, with more snow expected Wednesday, I’m beginning to think that the Spring bulbs won’t be sprouting till June. It sure is nice to see that it’s coming to your neck of the woods, though. Redbuds in bloom are always a good sign. 🙂

    1. Spring can’t be far behind for Chicago. Seems we are more eager than usual for it to arrive John. Sue

    1. It has been a hard winter for so many this year. Heard on news tonight that more wintery weather hitting northeast and Midwest again and dipping down into South. Wow. Sue

  4. We have trees just like your red bud trees here in the San Francisco Bay Area and they are blooming up a storm, ever since the end of January (since we were in the middle of a drought and the trees thought winter was over, I think). We just got our first rain last week and things are looking up.

    1. SF is one of my favorite places. I can imagine how lovely it is with the trees blooming there. Sue

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