Look Up! The Trees are Shouting “Spring is on the Loose!”

Look up! Look out as you walk! The Bradford Pear trees, Forsythia and Redbud trees, that herald the coming Spring with their fertile flowering, are beginning to shout.
It’s been a long winter, especially for our friends and family in the North. This year, our mild winter mixed with unpredictable bursts of cold and snow and dreary, left us in the southern U.S, also eager for Spring. What a thrill to walk under and among cascading blooms.

It’s time to put on our walking shoes and get out our bicycles to witness first hand the magical transformation of the season of rest into the season of hope and renewal.

A time
of new beginnings.

is adding,
dividing and multiplying.

make a
change this Spring.

Old grievances
left behind.
It’s a new day.

My forsythia.
Dainty yellow
blooms held aloft
on graceful arms,
longer than a
prima ballerina could.

doesn’t last
but the memory
of beauty savored

Time to start a list of Spring projects and personal goals.

breezes whisper
in my ear –
hope, engage, reach –
act now!

5 thoughts on “Look Up! The Trees are Shouting “Spring is on the Loose!””

  1. Though it’s not here yet, Sue, Spring is sure to arrive. Good to hear the the redbuds are blooming in your area. I love to see them in full color. Truly harbingers of Spring.

    1. The Bradford Pear Trees have outdone themselves this year… so lovely with lush white blooms… But, I hear we may have snow in the forecast…. oh well… it won’t last long. Good to hear from you..

    1. It’s on its way. I think Spring will give us all a lift. I’m looking forward to leaving coats and sweaters behind for awhile. So nice to hear from you. Sue

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