A Valentine for My Husband

Again this year, advertisers courted us to purchase a variety of Valentine products and services, marketed for lovers. But… Valentine’s Day can be a perfect day to focus on the blessings of love in our lives. 

Given the state of unrest and suffering in the world,  a day set aside to celebrate a gentler agenda is welcome…and it’s fabulous that  a day is set aside to focus on love.  The world needs more days like this.

As I prepared our Valentine’s Day dinner this week, I thought about the blessings that a marriage of many years can bring.

We never run out of things to talk about.

I whipped up a white cake recipe, coloring part of the cake mix red, to create a red and white swirl cupcake…and counted some of the blessings of love that my husband brings to my life:


I look forward to hearing your key in the door when you have been away on errands.

I appreciate the flowers you frequently bring to me on random days, for no particular reason or occasion.

I know you have my back when I am concerned about something and you seem to say just the right thing to put it in perspective.

When the cupcakes were done, I removed the pan from the oven, enjoying the warm vanilla aroma, and continued my reverie:.


One of my favorite times of the day is having breakfast with you in the morning…a quiet time together before the busy day begins.  The sun shines into our breakfast room heralding the new day, and we watch cardinals, bluejays and red bellied woodpeckers through the window.  Even on rainy days, it’s a cozy way to begin the day.  We sit across the table from one another, silently reading two morning  papers, … occasionally reading something interesting to one another.

I prepared almond frosting and red decorating sugar and selected a few large chocolate discs for decorating the mini and regular size cupcakes.  


My second favorite time of the day is our pillow talk at bedtime, sharing the the good and the great, and the not so great, about our day, and our plans for tomorrow.  No matter how busy we each have been during the day, we touch base again at day’s end.  

Thank you for your loving care and attention to my parents, especially in their senior years.


You occasionally reach out and touch me gently as you walk by, even in a crowd, …and I interpret your touch as a quiet message that says, “I see you.  I love you.”

You have the best hugs in the universe, and we know we can ask for each other for a hug anytime (some hectic days a hug is needed).


My heart grow in affection for you as I watch you being a loving father to our children.


Even when we were engaged in working through some disagreement or hurt, I have always felt loved by you. 

I am proud to take your arm as your wife and join in any and all social situations, and I know you are proud of me too.


I’m so glad we can laugh together!  It feels so good to laugh.

I am thankful there continues to be room in our relationship for our independence as individuals in thought and activities, as well as our togetherness as a couple..

We have been together for some time now and have so many shared memories we can talk over…something we can do when we really grow old.

I made some homemade boiled custard to serve with the cupcakes and strawberries,… and a sweet Valentine’s dessert is ready.


Happy Valentine’s Day to my Husband!  …and to all  new and experienced lovers everywhere.

In Thomas Moore’s (1779-1852) words:

“…the heart that has truely loved never forgets….”

“…time will but make thee more dear….”

Sue Marquis Bishop February 2015..

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