Come Walk With Me in November

COME WITH ME on a two mile walk on the Greenway – and on a short cut back home.

Entrance to Greenway

WE GREET SEVERAL WALKERS, although it’s early for the late afternoon walkers. Everyone we pass waves and smiles, and some stop to chat briefly – such is the way in the South. We meet so many interesting folks this way.



THE LEAVES RUSTLE like twisting saran wrap and we leave the path to walk among them. My husband says it reminds him of childhood memories of Rice Krispies – snap, crackle, pop.


WE PASS SEVERAL PEOPLE on bicycles. We decide to bring our bicycles next time for a real workout.


WE EXIT THE GREENWAY to our shortcut street back home (This leg of the greenway continues on for 15 miles.)


WE MEET A COLLEGE STUDENT walking her new puppy. The dog’s name is Tansy and is a rescue dog from one of the Native American reservations out West. I remember reading about the great need to adopt dogs since the economy has been struggling. Many families in America and Europe have been forced to give up their pet animals (dogs, and even horses) because they could no longer afford to feed them.

WE NOTE THAT THE COLOR OF THE DOG’S FUR appears to match exactly the beautiful red hair of his mistress. We comment about it and she laughs – “I know,” she says. (Sorry, she didn’t want her picture taken.)


AS WE APPROACH THESE TREES, they remind me of candles lit from within and burning bright – or multi-color pom poms at a football game. I don’t know what kind of trees they are, but I call them candle trees when we see them on our walk.


A LONELY SCARECROW left over from Halloween keeps vigil over his family’s house.

Almost back home.

HOME AGAIN, I work on menus for Thanksgiving – as I enjoy a slice of pumpkin bread and hot tea.

Sue Marquis Bishop 2013


13 thoughts on “Come Walk With Me in November”

  1. Sue!
    This is an amazing blog! I figured out how to get to you… but if you connect your link to your gravatar I’d bet (if you want them) you’d have a ton more followers! If you click on my site and search for gravatars on my blog… I cut re-posted a guy’s post there that shows you how to do it. I have noticed that a lot of people that I try to follow, don’t seem to realize that when someone clicks on their gravatar (photo) that their blog address (link) is supposed to pop up so people can click on it like a ticket through your door! When it doesn’t happen… a lot of people just move on… Glad I didn’t!

    1. So happy you visited my blog so I could find what you are up to. Thanks for info. Not sure how to do the link but will work on it. Sue

    1. Really? They don’t look like other crepe myrtles in our area. Maybe a different kind. Thanks for checking in. Just found your interesting blog tonite.

      1. I can’t get the photo large enough for a really good look but based on the leaf and trunk shape, I’m pretty sure they’re Nachez. Nachez is more vase shaped than other crepes/crapes and needs lots of heat. The leaves turn red orange in fall. They would have white blooms in summer but Burnsville may be too far north for Nachez to produce…they need minimum 70 degree nights for an extended period of time. I’m 60 miles south of you and thought we were pushing the envelope for Nachez. Whatever it is…beautiful trees and fall color. Glad you found my blog. I enjoyed reading yours and your posts on NC in the fall.

      2. How do u know so much about trees? Did you study them in college? The picture is in Charlotte where we live most of year. Certainly much warmer here in Piedmont region than mountains. Temp about 1 degree high and low from Atlanta. You are right. Sue

      3. You, as well. We’re up early most mornings. Getting ready to write a post, then will do some drawing and, if warm enough this afternoon, work on our property. Retirement is a full-time job…oooh that could be a post!

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