Winter Beauty: Sculptures All Around


Black trees on the hill
like sentinels anchored to the land
stretch on tip-toes,
reaching Hedra-like arms and
slender fingers stripped bare
toward winter skies,
their strong trunks
holding the line – unmoving.
Do they dance out of formation
when no one is looking?

CIMG0726 - Copy

Black trees on the hill,
hidden from view
in fog swirling
’round their feet.
Rooted in earth,
they bring me comfort,
standing bare
against storm  and stress –
sometimes for lifetimes.


Black trees on the hill,
dressed in winter white
sprinkled with sparkling crystals,
divert my attention
from winter grays.

Black trees on the hill
take my breath away
in winter,
seeing their naked sculptural forms
spread without embarrassment
against the Carolina blue sky.


Black trees on the hill
stand tall in formation,
while the last ray of sun
fades from view,
never waving rudely for
the sun to hurry away.


MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME to appreciate the beauty of trees at each season of the year. On my daily walks, I notice the trees and their relationship to the sky and land – and I always think of Mom.

THIS WIRE SCULPTURE of a winter tree is a favorite of mine that graced the hall table of my dear mother-in-law Nora’s home – and now resides in mine, sharing its beauty and memories.


Sue Marquis Bishop 2013

14 thoughts on “Winter Beauty: Sculptures All Around”

    1. GP, you are thoughtful to check in with us. We are fine… I have been offline for awhile, as we have been in transition… We sold our home of many years and have been in process of relocating to new home and location. I plan to get back to regular posts, as least weekly. I hope the holidays were special for you and the New Year is bringing new adventures and pleasant days. Sue

      1. Thanks for getting back to me. Just glad you and yours are alright. Hope you all had a great holiday season as well. Get settled, I’ll be here waiting.

    1. So happy to hear from you! Your artist’s eye sees beauty everywhere… I’m trying to pay more attention. My new interest in photography has focused my attention on details I didn’t see before.

    1. Thank you GP. I hope the holiday season was a good one for you and your family is blessed in 2014. New adventures all around for us all I guess. Randy and I look forward to your posts in the new year… My Uncle was radio operator on the USS Carolina during WWII… He kept a diary although it was not really allowed…. I bet the Smithsonian would want to have it…. Do you think?

      1. I’m sure any one of the museums would like to have it. (after you’ve posted it on line for many generations to come to read it?)

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